About Me

My name is Brian Cotton and welcome to my website! I am a father to two toddler twins. My wife makes all the money as an overnight nurse which allows me to watch movies, read novels, and game when the babies go to bed! These are my reviews of the films, books, and video games that I watch, read, and game while being a stay at home daddy. I love movies and I have a ridiculous (ridiculous) Bluray collection…some of my Bluray movies are still in the shrink wrap. Most of the movies that I review here I have already seen, but some of the reviews will be of those movies that I haven’t seen yet. I also have a problem. Anytime my wife and I are able to get out of the house and into town I have to stop by Half Price Books! I am also an aspiring writer (I have a self-published trilogy Rebels & Lies; Patriots & Tyrants; The Free & the Brave exclusively for Amazon’s Kindle) who dreams of landing a publishing deal soon. So, go ahead, kick back and check out my reviews!

I grade on a letter grade scale. A grades for outstanding, B for better quality than most, C grades for average, D for below average, and F for just a failure of a work in all regards. I’m not a movie/ novel/ gaming snob. It is really difficult for me to give something a bad grade. But, I don’t just give out easy A’s, either. My intention is not to be overly critical. Honestly if there is something that I really hate, I won’t even bother giving it a review, unless I really hate it and want to rant :). I don’t want this to be a hate fest, mainly a celebration of the pieces of entertainment that I love (or love to hate).