Cotton Reviews The Accountant


The Accountant, the new Ben Affleck actioner, is a film that requires the viewer to suspend any and all disbelief to even take it seriously. As a viewer, you will be asked to believe that a man with the same condition as Rain Man is a better sniper than Chris Kyle, a better shot than John Wick, and if all else fails, can still kick your ass hand to hand like Bruce Lee. However, if you can just accept this about the protagonist, then you will enjoy this film.

Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff, who is a tax advisor by day, money launderer for criminal organizations by night. He accepts a job from a CEO of a major robotics corporation as they claim to be missing millions of dollars on their books. Wolff accepts the job and meets company accountant Dana, played by Anna Kendrick of Twilight fame. Despite his social awkwardness coming from his Asperger’s Syndrome, Dana somehow finds Wolff charming. Especially after he saves her ass from armed assassins later in the film.


That’s pretty much the plot line for this film. It’s simple, yet is made overly complicated by some head scratching revelations, subplots, and plot twists thrown at the viewer in the film’s third act. It was the simplicity of the first two acts that made this film a winner. Yet, I was caught off guard, and even found myself a little bored when the story should have rocketed forward to an exciting conclusion. Which the film does have a nice action set piece there at the end. The Accountant is one of those films that I will have to watch again upon its release to Bluray to see if there was something I missed.

The acting in this one is pretty solid if unspectacular. Ben Affleck brings charm to what is otherwise a charmless role. Anna Kendrick is serviceable as Dana. Though, I find her to be a bit overrated myself, but she’s not a terrible actress. The rest of the actors play their roles in paint by numbers fashion. They don’t ruin the film with bad acting, but they don’t add to it either. Their performances would be akin to a “manage the game” style QB in football: just don’t screw it up and we’ll be fine!

Overall, this film gets a B- from me. Just above average. There is some solid action to be found here and a little intrigue as well. Some of the plot twists at the end may leave more than a few people shaking their heads and rolling their eyes.


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